CUSTOM Tail Commissions are OPEN!

I am OPEN for CUSTOM tail commissions, for the first time in a few years! This is not limited to canine tails -- any species is ok!

Tails START at just $40 and secure to your belt with an industrial strength elastic belt loop. Tails are either stuffed with soft and cuddly polyfil or carved from foam.

All tails will be finished within one month of payment.

If you're interested, please fill out my commission form! Thanks!


Fursuit for sale!

This ADORABLE African Wild Dog full suit is up for sale! He can be YOURS in time for your next event! He was worn only once, and the auction includes custom-built feet, made just for YOU, in your size!!

Head was built by iSqueakyPinky
Rest of the costume made by me []

[click for BIGGER photo!]

See a video of this head in action!! [I did add the eyebrows myself, so they aren't present in this vid]:


For more info and measurements, please visit the auction link!:

Thanks, and happy bidding! :)


Fursuit Commissions OPEN!

Fursuit Commissions are open once again!

Accepting new work to be completed June-Oct2012!
This round is NOT "first come first served." I will be accepting quote requests until Feb 7th.

Accepting commissions for:
-full suits
-any combination of parts, as long as the order includes a head

To see my PRICING information, visit my "info" page:

And to fill out my QUOTE REQUEST FORM, visit my "contact" page!:

Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon :3


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FINALLY! Fursuit commissions are open once more :3 I am taking on work to be finished April/May 2012 and later.

I am currently accepting new commissions for:
-full suits
-any combination of costume parts as long as the order INCLUDES a fursuit head
-I will also consider commissions for my custom-painted resin canine masks.

Sorry, no tail/paw/body commissions at this time.

Please visit my website for more information, and submit a quote request through my "contact" page!

Hope to hear from you soon! :D Really excited to see what kind of critters I get to work on next!!


Win a FREEEEEE fursuit!!!!

I am giving away my EEVEE Pokemon fursuit and a custom costume tail commission for FREE! This is not a contest, nor is it a raffle -- you do not have to make, draw, or pay for anything -- all you have to do is leave a comment to my Furaffinity journal post and you'll be entered in the free drawing!

To enter, you must be at least 18 years of age, have a US mailing address, and do not already own a fursit [whether purchased or self-made]. The prizes will be shipped to you FREE of charge or delivered to you at Anthrocon. This giveaway runs until Saturday, May 7th!


Happy Spring! :)


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Yah! 3 new costumes finished up this week -- I'm on a roll!

I've stopped using buckram for eyes as I was concerned that it isn't really durable -- it can warp, bleed and wrinkle if mistreated [or if a costume is worn a whole lot!] so I've switched to heavy-duty plastic mesh for the eyes. It's practically scratch-proof and offers the same breath-ability and visibility of buckram, plus you can [accidentally!] get it wet and not have to worry. Nice! It took a lot of work to get it 'just right' but it's totally worth it :D This also means I can offer eyes in just about any colour imaginable as I can paint the plastic!

Without further ado, here are three new critters that'll be running around! :3

And, I've had folks asking ... no, sorry, won't be at FWA. FCN is my next con! :D Hope to see you there!!




Looks like I've neglected to update here ... sorry about that!


I'm accepting new commissions for EARLY 2012! Sorry, I am NOT accepting commissions for paws or tails at this time. Check out JILLCOSTUMES.COM for more info, pricing information and information on how to get a quote from me! :D

I've finished a bunch of new work in the past few months, but I've unfortunately done ... something ... to my back, so it's kind of slow going at the moment. Everything will be done on time, I just don't think that I can work as hard as I used to [12-14 hr days, ha ha]. I have a lot of cool projects coming up ... really glad that people are asking me for different critters! :D

Here's what was debuted in time for MFF this past year. These were all a lot of fun to work on! :)

Right now I'm working on another wolf, a cabbit and a lion, so I'll be posting those soon as well. :D


new critters

A bunch of new critters completed over the past 2 months! The grey fennec was made for myself as an experiment to see how small I could make a mask -- I am pretty short so all of my costumes look big on me.

Sorry to be brief! I am super busy. I just want to let folks know that I am CLOSED for new costume commission work until JANUARY. I am still taking new orders for tails and repairs, but everything else will be on hold until January! This way there will only be a 6-7 month wait for your new costume. :) I'll be sure to post when I am open for new work again!




I've been really busy as I've just moved to Pittsburgh, but I should have some new work to show within the next few weeks. Everything is on schedule and I will be meeting all requested deadlines :)

I do have some photos of other stuff to share, though ... Firstly, I reworked the red border collie's eyes, following some of the advice you guys gave me. Thanks a bunch! I hope he looks better and that he finds a home next time around -- I'll be posting all new photos and a new auction link really soon! He now has hazel irises, a larger 'reflection mark' in each eye and lower, softer eyelids.

Next ... check out this really AWESOME group shot from Eurofurence! These guys got together for this photo as a surprise, how awesome is that? I love my friends over there, and I really love working with folks from Europe in general, always so nice :D

And, last, but not least ... here's a critter that was kept a secret until Eurofurence -- Titash the meerkat! I created a partial for him, and the body was created by B3Mascots -- it all came together really nicely in the end and the head I made looks great with either version. For this guy I tried my best to follow the concept artwork as closely as possible. Different than my usual style but I think he came out really great :D

Hope you enjoy the pix! I hope to have more to share soon! :D


after AC

I got so busy before AC that I forgot to post some things!!

Two jackals finished just in time for the con -- and my first fullsuit commission! I've made bodysuits for myself but this was my first time patterning one for another person. It's very fitted, and I think I will try working a little looser next time; this worked out because I had the owner here to try it on but I will need to work on my patterns a little bit more in the meantime. They are both very handsome!

We had a fine time at AC, thanks to everyone who said hi! I wasn't around much, it seems, but I hope you got a glimpse of the lemurs, if you were looking for them! :)

Ho ho ho, the last photo is yours truly with a new friend made at the bar. :I Bars are friendly places!

Working on some critters for EF this month, plus a suit to auction off -- keep your eyes peeled! :]